Announcing the Sherpa Rewards League

We're excited to announce our new, experimental rewards project, the Sherpa Rewards League!

Sherpas can now be rewarded for their contributions and efforts in building the Everest community and ecosystem.

Starting now, you can submit your content/initiatives for our trial run which will run for the remainder of Q3, until the end of Q4 2021, with a minimum of 4000 ID and other prizes up for grabs!

Submissions will be scored by the Everest Base Camp Team, based on the value they bring to the ecosystem, and rewards will be distributed relative to scores and league positions at the end of the trial. All qualified submissions, scores and rewards will be published in a report. Click here to learn more about the process.

The Sherpa Rewards League is an unofficial initiative, independently ran by members of the Everest community team. We applied for a grant from Everest to fund the trial which was successful, and if the results from the trial are positive, we hope to increase the rewards and prizes each quarter as we build out and grow the project.

As this is an experimental initiative, we'll update the community on any changes to details as the project evolves and work with the community to offer submission guidance.

We're excited to help move the community forward and look forward to seeing everyone's submissions over the remainder of Q3 and into Q4.

Good luck!

Everest Base Camp Team


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