Last Month in Everest (August 2021)

August 4th

Unlock Update

Re unlock of Team, Advisors, Partners, etc. that was due to be unlocked in August (six months after Feb, 2021), we are NOT unlocking that tranche, and circulating supply will remain at current levels. The team is fully committed to the long term support of the project. Everyone involved agreed that we will push the unlock out at least a year because (a) we still have work to do to make the network & community more resilient, and (b) the market is slowly, but surely understanding that Everest is THE solution re stablecoin (going to be 1:1 backed), & regulations (need to do ID verification & be licensed to transfer value). We look forward to seeing you Friday at our AMA 9am PST: https://t.me/Everestdotorg

August 7th

You Are What You Ingest: Why High-Quality Data Matters to Smart Contracts

We hope you are enjoying SmartCon, Bob Reid will be speaking on the “You Are What You Ingest: Why High-Quality Data Matters to Smart Contracts” panel with 5 talented visionaries today at 4:40 UTC...


August 11th

EverWallet Walkthrough

Check out a walkthrough of our wallet including swapping and staking - excited to continue to build a complete end-to-end solution for consumers. Full video on our YouTube...

August 13th

Bob Reid: Senate infrastructure bill isn’t perfect, but could the intention be right?

The provisions of the U.S. infrastructure bill stirred up a heated debate, but many of the fears voiced by its critics are misguided.

United States Senators have cast their votes, and the contentious HR 3684 infrastructure bill cleared in the upper Congress chamber. Now, the gigantic document of over 2,700 pages and amounting to almost $1 trillion is heading to the House of Representatives, including the provisions expanding the definition of a cryptocurrency broker, designed to beef up crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) tax compliance. The $1 trillion can’t come out of thin air, right?

Read more: https://cointelegraph.com/news/senate-infrastructure-bill-isn-t-perfect-but-could-the-intention-be-right

August 16th

Episode 174 – Crypto Enthusiasts Are Mighty Happy with the Moves

Welcome back to the Wild West Crypto Show! Crypto enthusiasts are mighty happy with the moves! This week we have Bob Reid joining us all dressed up just for the Wild West!


August 16th

The Future of CBDCs and Crypto Regulations

Join @bobreideverest and @Kiffmeister this Wednesday, August 18th at 10 am PST as they discuss The Future of CBDCs and Crypto Regulations...


August 17th

Compliance 'Is a Journey' for Binance, But It Doesn't Have to Be

Everest was recently featured in Entrepreneur, noting that it operates within full adherence to Financial Action Task Force guidelines and MFSA authorization for its programmable stablecoin...

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/379586

August 18th

Bitcoin bulls at risk? Tether growth rate flatlines despite market cap crossing $64B

CEO, @bobreideverest was featured in @Cointelegraph’s article surrounding

@Tether_to growth & how stablecoins can find ways to operate within compliance. To date, Everest has the world's only licensed programmable stablecoin $CRDT...


August 19th

EverWallet Update

We are pleased to share an update to the EverWallet which should improve the usability dramatically for certain people.

In this morning's release we included an automatic process for people whose biometry was not sampled well during enrollment. The system automatically decides if you need a new image during login, then captures a replacement image...

Read more: https://t.me/Everest_BaseCamp/117

August 19th

Bob Reid: CEO at Everest Explains How They Offer DeFi Services, Cross-Border Payments, ID Verification, Seamless Account Creation

Everest is leading the way in bringing traditional finance to crypto. As a licensed custodian, Everest has integrated KYC, executing full compliance, processing cost-effective cross-border & DeFi transactions... Bringing regulated DeFi mainstream...


August 20th

You Are What You Ingest: Why High-Quality Data Matters to Smart Contracts

If you missed Bob Reid during the SmartCon panel "You Are What You Ingest: Why Data Quality Matters to Smart Contracts" you can catch it here on YouTube...

August 20th

Android App is NOW available!

Fiat-to-crypto.....to swapping, and back from crypto to your bank account - ALL FROM YOUR PHONE!

Download in the Play Store here:


August 25th

Meet Mikheil Janiashvili

Meet Mikheil Janiashvili, our new Senior Software Engineer. Excited to have him on the team...


August 26th

Did you know our Android app is live?

- Create an acct. using your biometrics

- Staking up to 40% APY currently

- Swapping with 200+ pairs

- Fiat in/out to DeFi throughout Europe

Download in the Play Store here:


August 27th

Welcome to Everest Base Camp

Introducing Everest Base Camp! A new community initiative, ran by members of the Everest community team...


August 28th

AMA With Bob Reid (Friday 6th August 21) Transcript

Earlier this month, Bob Reid answered community questions in a live Telegram AMA.

Check out the transcript here: https://www.everestbase.camp/post/ama-with-bob-reid-friday-6th-august-21-transcript


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