Last Month in Everest (March 2022)

March 1st

📣 Following the news of our two-part integration with Polygon, we've published a DEMO to help the community bridge ID between Ethereum and Polygon...


March 2nd

Check out the transcript for our recent Product Marketing AMA with Brad Witteman...


March 7th

These Exotic Coins Do More Than Meets the Eye

CRDT is the world’s first fully-regulated programmable stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar that enables fast and secure transactions over the blockchain. ID is a utility token that grants users voting rights in the ecosystem and can be used to pay for services in the network...


March 8th

EverHub — Empowering Users in a Multichain World


March 9th

FTX & Everest finalized integrations to enable EverWallet users to buy & sell crypto directly from fiat. Combining Everest's global local rails with FTX liquidity, we are bringing crypto to a global mass market. More on the partnership to come later!


March 14th

10,000 $ID up for grabs! Join our official Discord server for a chance to win 1,000 ID...


March 16th

Everest granted additional rights by MFSA

Everest was recently granted additional rights under the Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) act from the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

In addition to being licensed to perform crypto custodianship services, execution of orders on behalf of others, and transfer services, Everest is now licensed for the “reception and transmission of orders”...


March 18th

📣 The first episode in our brand new video series, #AskEverest is here!

Sherpas can now submit questions on Twitter @EverestDotOrg with #AskEverest for a direct video response from Bob Reid and the team

To kick the series off, Bob runs us through 'The Progression of Everest'...

March 23rd

DEXs and KYC: A match made in hell or a real possibility?

“Some companies in the crypto space, such as Everest, are already implementing eKYC through traditional means. The company is also able to pseudonymously confirm the uniqueness and humanness of every user, which is important in our bot-ridden times…”


March 23rd

To take off, the metaverse needs its travelogue moment


March 24th

What Makes a Tokenomics Model Best-in-Class?

Let’s take a look at Everest's tokenomics model and how it leveraged areas of others for an improved system...


March 25th

📣 Following our MFSA license extension update, Bob Reid responds to community questions surrounding what the additional rights mean for Everest...

March 28th

2022, March 28 - Patch List

- Updated Logo throughout the Web App

- Updated Tokens available for Trade and Buy - 119 Tokens now Available

- Updated API calls to use FTX spot markets, instead of OTC, improving UX

- Improvements and optimizations made to fee calculation in Buy, Sell, and Trade

- Associate Wallet Feature added to More Wallets

- Automation attributes added

March 30th

We’re pleased to announce that Everest CEO, Bob Reid is speaking at ETA TRANSACT in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 14th at 9:55am PDT!

Want to hear Bob and the panel explore the role of crypto-assets in payments? Sign up here...


March 31st

Our VFA license uniquely removes siloed jurisdictional barriers to provide easier and improved flow of funds globally

Here's a look at how Everest's position differs from the market's current state of play...


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