Last Month in Everest (September 2021)

September 1st

Stakeable $ID Tokens Rose by 50% In August

42% of eligible $ID tokens staked, $7,500,000 USD Total Value Locked, Stakeable $ID tokens rose by 50% in August: https://twitter.com/everestdotorg/status/1432841647822233604

September 2nd

CARA(kah-rah) UPDATE

Happy to announce that part one of the CARA update is now live. Since the Alpha has been released we have been analyzing and adjusting values on the backend to ensure everyone regardless of what technology you possess will be able to access the Everest ecosystem.

In order to make regulated Defi more accessible we have to not only ensure that people with the latest smartphones can access, but those with lower resolution cameras, as well as limited data can participate.

The multi-part CARA release will take place over the next few weeks and and open up the platform to onboard new sherpas, speed up access, amplify security, and scale the platform for some cool upcoming features

- Facial Biometrics-Update

- Mobile detecting and redirect to app store

- Staking Screen, Move to Ethereum, Move to EverChain navigation upgrade

- Minor bug fixes

September 6th

$ID Is Now on the Onsen Program at Sushiswap

Attention all Sherpas, $ID is now on the Onsen program at SushiSwap, with APY starting at 400%. Start farming & catch you on the summit: https://twitter.com/everestdotorg/status/1434696685200949250

September 7th

Chainlink Data Providers Explain Why Hybrid Smart Contracts Demand High-Quality Data

Right off the bat, Reid captured the crucial importance of high-quality data for Everest, a global banking and digital ID platform that launched its own Chainlink node to securely feed KYC, AML and KYB data to smart contracts across multiple chains, describing the platform’s commitment to securing good data as something akin to “religious fervor.”

Read more: https://chainlinktoday.com/chainlink-data-providers-explain-why-hybrid-smart-contracts-demand-high-quality-data/

September 8th

Everest Hires Former IOHK (Cardano) Marketing Lead and Global Women in Blockchain Executive Liza Horowitz

Watch the full video to get her thoughts on how we can bring DeFi to the masses...

September 28th

Our CEO, Bob Reid Has Been Invited to Speak at CoinAgenda in Vegas

Use code: EVEREST250 for $250 off...


September 29th

Telegram AMA With Bob Reid (Friday 8th October 2021 @ 9am PT)

Everest CEO, Bob Reid will be joining us live on Telegram to answer community questions...

Read more: https://t.me/Everest_BaseCamp/138

September 30th

Community Feedback Wanted for EverWallet (Alpha)

In an effort to work with the community on ideas for Everest’s product development, we’re looking for feedback on the EverWallet (Alpha) release which will be sent directly to the core team for consideration...

Read more: https://www.everestbase.camp/post/community-feedback-wanted-for-everwallet-alpha


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